Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Crayon Folio

Our family took a mini vacation during the Thanksgiving Holidays. We traveled five hours in a car with a 9,6, and 4 year old. As most parents know, this is always trying. So I spent some time looking for things to keep them busy in the car. We have gameboys for each of them, but those only seem to last so long. Then, I found this wonderful pattern by Gingercake for a Crayon Art Folio. I knew it couldn't hurt to take some along.

So three of these were made for the kiddos.

This was for Sweet Pea. The pattern was easy to follow and the whole project did not take much time to put together.

For the boys, I did not add the handles. I felt this made them look more "manly". Less like a purse.

AJ decided he wanted colored pencils instead of crayons.

I have to admit the long drive went well. The kids still did their share of crabbing and whining, mostly the 4 year old, but I loved having another option to keep them busy. The folios store the crayons and paper right there together so we were not looking for lost crayons continually. It was awesome. Thanks Gingercake!

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