Monday, November 2, 2009

Fall Margaret Bag

With the golden colors, falling leaves and dropping temperatures, my purses we just not working for me. It was time. Time for a new purse that is. Since I love my other ones so much. I had to make a Margaret Bag.

Here is the latest edition to my purse collection.
This one was made out of brown corduroy.

The lining is a off white print with various shades of tan and blue. I felt this broke up the darkness of the brown.

I covered a button with a scrap of the lining fabric.

closer view of the lining

Over all I am extremely pleased with this purse. I love the combination of fabrics. I love the feel of the corduroy. But, honestly, I do not think I will use corduroy again for this bag. The thickness of the fabric made it difficult to manipulate under my machine. Let me tell you, making the button loop was awful!!!
Then the button.... I had originally picked out a dark brown button to use with the corduroy, but once the bag was sewn together, I could tell the brown button would just get lost in the rest of the brown. The fabric button works great, but is a tad big for my button loop. The loop has a difficult time sliding over the button. Of course this could be a purely friction problem. My other Margaret bags have plastic buttons. If I would have used a smaller button, it would have eliminated this problem.

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