Thursday, October 22, 2009

Jumper #1 for Sweet Pea

I finished some church clothes for Sweet Pea this last week.

brown corduroy jumper with matching fabric flower hairbow.
I loved this fabric, and whole thing turned out super cute.

close up of the flower embellisment

I used this tutorial for the flower. They were much easier than I thought and really accented the outfit.

I tried to get a picture of her modeling the set....but she was upset that I would not let her 'gankey' (blanket) in the picture. It would have covered up the dress....oh well.


I have been working on jammies for the kiddos....They love them. It is always difficult sewing for boys...but jammie pants have been a huge hit over here.

Picture 008
All three in their new jammies.

a monkey set for Sweet Pea
I really was not too happy with the neck on this set. It was huge. I had to dart the back to get it to stay on her shoulders. The pants are also very big and I even took them in. Evidently, she is smaller than an extra small. The good news is that Sweet Pea thinks they are awesome. Oh...and I love the sleeves.

So I take all three of them to the fabric store to get the fabric for these jammies. I let them pick. They love doing that. and Sweet Pea picks this pink camo. Not the cute monkeys. Not the flowers. Not any other super cute print I could find. camo....ugh. But as you can see...she likes it.

I have a hard time getting pictures of the boys. They always want to do something goofy...OH well....