Monday, February 22, 2010


Here are the Christmas stockings I upgraded. I found a super cute idea at Pleasant Home where you take a pre-made stocking and turn it into something adorable. Now, I have wanted to make stocking for the fearsome threesome for years, but have just never got around to it. Well, this was too cute not to try...sooo.....I went to my local quilt shop, found some cute Christmas fat quarters and came up with....



I love the way the turned fact next year a matching tree skirt may be in order. But then again, it took me several years to make stockings. So it may be a while.

Christmas Gifts Part 1 ...

Yes it is February. Yes, I am finally posting about the handmade Christmas gifts. Maybe if I get caught up, I can keep it up...right? We'll see.

Margaret Bag for my Mom


Messenger Bag from The New Handmade by Cassie Barden


Action Shot


Margaret Bag for FIL's Other